My mission is to help you achieve greater balance, strength, endurance and flexibility in your self and in your life.

I like to think of my small group coaching as very similar to “Book Club.” The difference is we discuss and write the stories of our own lives. The important benefit of Small Group Coaching is that the 6 to 8 individuals become your support group. Each group can be customized but, generally speaking, we go through a series of exercises together over the course of a couple of hours, usually at the home of one of the participants, which can be spread out into a couple of sessions, or a one or two day workshop. We begin by making sure everyone is comfortable with our purpose; that our space is sacred, confidential and safe; and, we are clear on what we are hoping to achieve. I prepare exercises and facilitate discussion for the session or sessions.  Beginning exercises generally delve into the previous chapters of each participant’s life to discover and understand how you got where you are today.  The remainder of the exercises will help you discover how you want the remaining chapters to unfold and what you need to begin doing now to get there. Throughout, and sometimes beyond, our time together in a workshop setting, either in-person or on-line, we will have our own private Facebook chat room to continue dialogue. I encourage you to find a group that you choose to stay connected with. After the group session/s end, my hope is that you continue to provide each other with support and encouragement. This is wonderfully satisfying for me because the value to you is immeasurable. I believe we are all unique individuals meant to live, work, play and thrive together, which explains our innate need, or instinct, for connection; your new support group can fulfill that. The benefits of that fulfillment has no choice but to spill over onto those you come into contact with, and the benefits continue to blossom.

I strongly believe that continued support is a key ingredient to real change, whether it be in the form of a life coach, a friend(s), co-workers, etc. I see and hear about many people who come to a workshop, feel empowered for change, and then a week or so later, without support, life goes back to the status quo. These groups were designed to disrupt that pattern and help you not only choose your new path, but actually start to walk it and to be there to help you overcome the obstacles and hurdles you face along the way, and cheer you on when you do.

Group size: 6-8

Meeting time: Determined by group; day and evening sessions available

Meeting venue: Participants homes, on-line or mutually agreed upon venue.