About Me

Let me tell you about me…


I believe that each of us is unique for a reason. I also believe everyone has a purpose in life: to be our best self. When you discover who you are, your mission becomes clear and your potential is limitless. But I didn’t discover this in one day. In fact, I am still on a journey of discovery. Some of my steps along the way include:

Boston University, Boston MA
BA English & Psychology
May 1990

I grew up in New York State, spent much of my time on a farm where I rode horses, loved nature and also learned the discipline of chores, like cleaning stables and caring for animals. I volunteered at therapeutic riding stables for children with disabilities. I also worked in our local drug store and was a fitness assistant at gyms in New York City and Massachusetts.

In high school, I thought guidance counselor was the best job anyone could have, helping healthy people discover and pursue their dreams, so I chose Psychology and English as my college majors. It was “suggested” that I give law school a try, as only loving parents concerned about a practical degree will do.

New York Law School, New York NY
JD June 1993

Member New York State Bar Association, New York City Bar Association 1994-present; Wisconsin State Bar Association, Dane County Bar Association 1994-present.

So off I went to law school, which I appreciated for the discipline, intellectual challenge, the opportunity to live on my own in Manhattan, and the chance to meet some amazing people. I interned for a criminal court judge and for an entertainment law newsletter. I graduated, threw sand into the wind and decided if I passed the bar exams, I was meant to be a lawyer, if not, I would continue to study psychology in graduate school. Being a lawyer was surprisingly interesting and I learned about intellectual property law in the legal department of Chanel, Inc.

I met “Mr. Wonderful” on a beach in Jamaica, moved to Wisconsin and got married.  After several years in the corporate legal department at WPS, a large Madison-based health insurance company, I became corporate counsel focusing on employment and labor law issues at North American Mechanical, Inc. (NAMI), a mechanical contracting firm. I continued as assistant counsel at Comfort Systems USA, a public company, when they acquired NAMI.

My proudest accomplishment is becoming a mom to three pretty great, and each very unique, boys. Not only did my boys fulfill a lifelong desire to be a mom, but they gave me the perfect excuse to get off the express train of my daily life, powered by external “shoulds”, and start to get back in touch with what was really important to me, what made me smile from the inside regardless of what was going on around me.

Fitness Instructor
Waunakee WI
April, 2008-present

Blame it on Jane Fonda and her exercise books and videos. They ignited my passion for health and interest with physiology. Becoming a fitness instructor in my hometown was a natural fit although it was a dear friend who challenged me to try. People often enter your life at just the right time.

Over the years, I also have never stop trying to satisfy my innate preoccupation with the world of self-exploration. I am fascinated by the miracles of nature, the human body and mind, religions and belief systems and the dynamics of communities large and small. I enjoy studying physiology, psychology and scientific research on the brain. In short, I am interested in what makes each of us wonderfully, mysteriously human; all connected yet distinctly individual.

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Professional Life Coaching Certification
May 2014

International Coaching Federation
Professional Certified Coach
November 2014-present

Through many on-line health, fitness and life coaching courses, I gained a lot of valuable information but I still didn’t feel qualified to call myself a life coach. Finally, when the University of Wisconsin-Madison offered a Professional Life Coaching Certification, I knew this was the important credential I was seeking. I had nothing to lose and a life I love to gain.

This is “About Me” and my journey. I am moving in the direction of my dreams every day and am excited to learn more About You and your dreams. I want to help you find a sense of fulfillment and support you as you gain the courage and confidence to go for it. What’s stopping you?